Upgraded Model:LF1700-D4 Pro Automatic Laminating and Cutting Machine

July 03, 2020

New model: LF1700-D4 Pro Automatic Laminating and Cutting Machine. It’s the upgraded model of LF1700-D1 Full Automatic laminator. Where it has been upgrade? See as below:

First, The cutting system.

1>The steel bar can separate pictures and waste material at edge, avoiding roll together.

2>The middle cutter holder with 2 blades, that can keep the blank place on the graphics

3>Upgraded the cutter holder. It’s easy to change its place, reduce the chance to hurt hands. It's more safe. The vernier device can adjust the cutters left and right within 5cm.

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Second, The Operation System.

The way of lift the roller

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Third, The Machine Frame.

Now change to ABS frame, color changed.

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